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No matter why you’re packing up, whether it’s to move house or move your excess belongings into Curl Curl storage from EJ Shaw Storage, there are some items that require a little more care. If you’re packing up any fragile items, make sure to follow these tips to ensure your belongings remain all in one piece.

External protection

  1. Use strong, new, complete boxes – Stacking boxes is probably something you can’t avoid when it comes to moving house or moving into Curl Curl storage, so it’s important your boxes are crushproof. Any of your old boxes that are looking a little worse for wear should be reserved for items that won’t be affected by any crushing, such as jumpers. If you need to purchase new boxes, visit our Box Shop.
  2. Choose appropriately sized and shaped boxes – The bigger the box, the harder it is to lift, move, or store it. While items may feel light on their own, when you stack them on top of each other inside a box, the kilograms will add up quickly. Oversized boxes also increase the temptation to over pack or combine items that are best stored separately. To protect your fragile items, it’s best to use multiple smaller boxes.
  3. Select packing tape made for storage – Different tapes have different strengths and can vary significantly in how long they’ll remain adhesive and how much weight they’ll support. Quality storage and packing tape will last a lot longer and has a thicker mil rating, which adds to the strength of your boxes, further protecting your fragile items from breaking.

Internal cushioning

  1. Consider internal compartments – If you have a collection of similar items, storage with internal grids and dividers can help you protect your fragile items. These add strength to your box and also prevent items from shifting and becoming lost amongst the protective packing. This will also help you keep track of all your items so you don’t accidentally throw any away with the packaging.
  2. Pick clean packing to match your contents – Pick the packing material that is best suited to your items. There are plenty of options, ranging from packing paper to bubble wrap, and from loose foam peanuts to air pillows. You can get extra protection from packing items such as corrugated cardboard pieces to form dividers, and foam or bubble bags or pouches that add protection and containment.
  3. Prevent damage from moisture – Allowing your belongings to come in contact with any kind of moisture can lead to mildew, mould, rust, odours, or deterioration. If you’re cleaning your items first, make sure they’re completely dry before wrapping and packing them. Adding things like silica packs can help control the moisture as well.

Finishing touches

  1. Know what’s inside – Keep a clear and accurate inventory of what’s inside each box. Put a copy of the list on the outside of the box so you don’t need to unseal boxes to find certain items later.
  2. Mark it ‘fragile’ – Put a ‘fragile’ warning sticker on each side of the box, as well as the top and bottom so everyone can see the caution from all angles.

Curl Curl Storage

Our most fragile items are often not only vulnerable to breakage, but also very valuable to us. When you’re packing your boxes to move house or move items into Northern Beaches storage, it’s important you pack everything properly in order to give your belongings the most protection possible. Contact us today to learn more about your Northern Beaches storage options.

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