If your firm is looking for a way to increase its profitability or efficiency, Manly storage from EJ Shaw Storage might be the answer you’re looking for. Using Self Storage is a great way to help keep your business current and flexible in a world where the way we do business is constantly changing. If you’re not sure how Manly storage would benefit your business, here are a few tips.

Store critical documents and files

No matter how close we are to migrating towards completely paperless business models, there are still plenty of reasons why having hardcopies of your most important records is still important. Manly storage is the ideal location to store important documents. The facility is completely secure and protected, and your documents will be kept safe from the elements and unfortunate accidents. Manly storage is also a great place to store digital backups on hard drives in the event of technology failure. Placing your hardcopy and electronic backup files in Manly storage also helps reduce clutter in your office, which makes your business look more professional.

Create a repository for excess stock

If your business sells seasonal stock, you’ll understand it’s hard to deal with end of season inventory. Selling these items at massive discounts can dig into your profit margins, so moving it into Manly storage might be a much better option. That way, you don’t have to swallow large reductions in profit by underselling, and you’ll be able to sell them at full price when they become seasonal again.

Expand into digital selling

The popularity of online shopping in Australia is growing, with 70 percent making digital purchases in 2016 alone. While a lot of consumers still enjoy shopping locally, moving your business into online sales could be a great move and Manly storage can help. You can add shelves and other organisational tools to your storage unit, so you can even turn your Manly storage into a small distribution centre.

Keep vital business equipment safe

EJ Shaw Storage is a secure facility, so you can rest easy knowing whatever you’ve moved into your storage unit will be kept protected.

Are you ready to take your business plan to the next stage? Contact us us to learn more today.

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