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Manly is one of the most highly sought after suburbs in Sydney and NSW, due to the area’s popularity, mostly thanks to it’s world famous beaches, it’s an amazing opportunity to rent out your spare bedroom on AirBnb or another rental site and start to make some money of the bedroom that you never use!

When you first moved into your current house, you probably had some grand plans for the spare bedroom. However, your spare bedroom now is probably filled with all the junk and items you don’t have room for anywhere else in your house. If you clean this room out and move those items into Manly storage from EJ Shaw Storage, you can turn your spare bedroom into a money-making machine.




Rent out the Room on AirBNB

Advertise online that you have a room available to rent. If you have a second or spare bathroom, consider dedicating that to the bedroom as well. This will increase the amount you can reasonably charge to rent the space. Renting the spare bedroom is probably the easiest way to generate a steady income, but there are downsides as well, the most obvious being someone new will be living in your house. Before you can have anyone move into the room, you will need to freshen it up a little but and move all your excess belongings into Manly storage, you can set the spare bedroom up as a bedroom again.


😍😍😍 Check out some of these beautiful spare bedroom makeovers for inspiration 😍😍😍

Bedroom Design #portfolio

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Simplicity is key for many of these spare bedroom makeovers, choosing a gender neutral colour palet will appeal to more people when you are advertising the room online or on AIRBNB. Something else to consider, if you don’t want to do a complete bedroom overhaul, is finding a really good sheet sets that look more expensive than they are. Places like Ikea and Kmart are the most cost effective options, however, there are a number of other home wares stores around the Manly area that would stock more bespoke sheet sets.




😍😍😍 Here are some of these beautiful bedding options to help inform your choice 😍😍😍 

Hej j’espère que tout le monde va bien ! Voici mon #inspiration internet du jour accompagnée de ma #motivation ! Le thème d’aujourd’hui c’est comment retrouver la motivation pour ses projets ? Il faut se poser régulièrement quelques questions de fond. De quoi ai-je aujourd'hui le plus besoin ? A quoi est-ce que j'attache le plus d'importance ? Ma vie, mes activités sont-elles en accord avec mes valeurs et mes besoins fondamentaux ? Si tel n'est pas le cas, que puis-je faire pour améliorer les choses ? Il suffit quelquefois d'un petit changement dans la façon dont nous menons notre vie, pour reprendre de l'allant et redonner du sens à nos investissements. #lunnevapassanslautre #homedecor #home #homesweethome #sweet #cute #room #ideas #decoration #table #picture #homedecor #design #decoração #decor #panier #furniture #igers #interior #accessories #apartment #boho #amazing #bedroom #bed #plaid #cushion #tapis #wood

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To create a more aesthetically pleasing setup on the bed, consider using pillows in three to four different sizes and incorporate different textures, for example a knitted throw and fluffy cushions.

Bedroom Decor:

Some small final touches to the room may be the difference between someone paying $50 per night and $100 per night. Consider elements like lighting, indoor plants, artwork on the walls and matching rugs, it could also be handy to add some curtains in order to reduce the light in the mornings.



😍😍😍 Here are some beautifully styled rooms to give you some ideas for what might best suit your new spare room 😍😍😍 

Self Storage Manly: Make Money off Your Spare Room | EJ Shaw Storage

Source: Home Archite

Self Storage Manly: Make Money off Your Spare Room | EJ Shaw Storage

Source: Inside Decorate

Self Storage Manly: Make Money off Your Spare Room | EJ Shaw Storage

Source: Home Archite

Self Storage Manly: Make Money off Your Spare Room | EJ Shaw Storage

Source: Elvente 

Self Storage Manly: Make Money off Your Spare Room | EJ Shaw Storage

Source: Who Living 

Self Storage Manly: Make Money off Your Spare Room | EJ Shaw Storage

Source: Inside Decorate

More Permanent Tennants

If you like the idea of renting the room but don’t want to commit to having a housemate for a significant period of time, lodging tourists is a good alternative. You can turn your spare bedroom into temporary accomodation for tourists and backpackers. Decorate the room to create a warm, comforting environment. You can increase the prices slightly to include services, such as breakfast and refreshments.

If you’re not open to having someone new come and permanently or temporarily live in your house, there are other ways you can make money. You can turn your spare bedroom into a home office, where you can run a small business. Try and think of a way to turn your hobby into a business. For example, if you love to knit you can create an online store to sell products. If you love to read, you can create a blog to review and promote books and make money from advertisers. It will be a lot of hard work, but loving what you’re doing will make the process more fun.

So if you’re looking for Manly storage, contact the team at EJ Shaw Storage to learn more about your storage options.

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