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There are plenty of pros and cons when it comes to running a small business. Being your own boss grants you extra autonomy and freedom than if you were to work for someone else. On the other hand, running a small business can quickly take over your life and leave you little to no free time. You might also start to run out of space, but the prices of commercial office and storage spaces are too high. Self Storage near Manly from EJ Shaw Storage is the perfect compromise.

The problem with running a business from home

You probably started your small business from the comfort of your own home. For a long time, operating out of your home can work really well; however, as your business grows, your work space can easily start to encroach on your personal space. When you work in a standard job for somebody else, you can easily keep your work and home life seperate. Those who run their own small businesses from home can sometimes struggle to maintain a good work life balance. This is a problem that utilising a storage unit can help solve. When you rent Self Storage near Manly, you have a place to store your inventory, business equipment, and files.

Use Self Storage to warehouse inventory

Renting commercial warehouse space can be incredibly expensive, which is why a lot of small businesses don’t bother. Self Storage near Manly is a much more cost effective storage solution, and the unit sizes are more than sufficient for small businesses. Make sure you set up your unit effectively; storage units are rented empty, so you’ll need to supply your own shelving and tables.

Store business equipment with Self Storage near Manly

While it would be nice to have an office in your home, not everyone has the space for it. You can set up your own home office inside Self Storage on the Northern Beaches. Bring in a printer and photocopier, computer, and filing equipment. Make sure you also bring in a comfortable place to sit and work.

Store documents and more

Keeping detailed records is an essential part of keeping a successful business. Even small businesses need to keep detailed records. Self Storage is an excellent storage location for your files. Lots of people try and store these documents in their attics or basements, but this is sub optimal because these rooms can hold a lot of moisture, dust, and debris, and are attractive to insects and rodents. Self Storage in Manly provides you with a dry, clean environment to store all your important business paperwork in a secure manner.

If you’re looking to expand your small business, or simply want to create more separation for your work and personal life, contact the team of storage experts at EJ Shaw Storage today.

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