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A fun part of the holiday season is decorating your Christmas tree. This is a time that you can spend with your family, stringing lights on the tree and putting small ornaments on the branches while listening to music and drinking hot chocolate. Before you start adding ornaments to your tree, make a plan for the colours that you want to use and possibly a theme so that it looks cohesive and coordinated.


Candy land

When your family members and friends enter your home, they can step into a world of sweet treats with a tree that looks like it’s made from candy. A white tree works well with this idea because it allows for the bright colours of the decorations to be highlighted. Use candy canes as decorations as well as ornaments that look like small pieces of candy. Top your tree with a red and white bow to match the candy canes.


Matching colours

Choose a colour or two that you enjoy or that your family enjoys. Decorate your tree with ornaments that are this colour, such as purple and blue or red and green. White lights or lights that are in these colours add a nice twinkle and will accent the decorations. When you wrap your presents, use paper that is in the same colour family as the decorations. Get some of your decorations from your Northern Beaches Storage unit to put on your tree that will match the colour theme that you use.



Modern Christmas Tree Decor

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Red and White Christmas Tree Decorations

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Craft Berry Bush

Rustic Christmas Tree Decor

Love Grows Wild

A touch of elegance

Bring a bit of elegance to your living room for Christmas with golden ornaments on your tree and a few other details that make it shimmer. Small sunburst ornaments with a mirror in the centre can make your tree look bigger than it really is and can capture the glow of the lights. Find a topper for your tree that is graceful and a bit larger than you normally use to exude a beautiful appearance. Gold, silver, and shades of pink are good colours to consider for a tree that is on the elegant side.


Fun display

Christmas is a fun time for kids, so why not make the tree fun for them as well? Use bright lights that offer a dazzling glow at night and decorations that are fun to look at, such as bears, woodland animals, and favourite cartoon characters. Don’t be afraid to use brighter colours on your tree so that it has a fun and upbeat look for the holiday.

When Christmas is over, you don’t have to keep your ornaments and decorations stored in a closet. Carefully pack everything in small boxes before putting them in large boxes that are easy to move. Take your Christmas decorations to Northern Beaches Storage so that they are safe and secure until the following year.

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