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Every home can start to feel overcrowded eventually. A thorough cleaning can help, but you may need to offload or store some items to free up some breathing room. If you’re feeling a bit cramped, check out the suggestions to make more space in your existing home – Self Storage Freshwater can help!

Think Seasonally

There are many things you need access to on a daily basis, but there are probably also things that you only need a few times a year. For small spaces, a Self Storage Freshwater unit is a great way to clear out seasonal items. It doesn’t have to be a large storage space. For example, you can use your storage unit for Christmas decorations for part of the year and patio furniture another part of the year. It will only take two trips a year to swap things out and you know where everything is.

christmas decorations


Hang What You Can

Sometimes having too much on the floor or around the periphery of the room can make a space feel cramped. In these instances, hanging items like laundry hampers can keep the floor clear, make cleaning easier and brighten the space.

shoe hanging storage

Compress Soft Goods

In addition to rolling your casual clothes for easy storage, you can compress extra linens and towels into small, airtight storage bags that can easily store under a bed or on a hard to reach closet shelf. These bags can be compressed with a hand-pump or with a vacuum cleaner. This is also a good option for cold weather clothing that you want to store in your home.


Store Big Pieces

If your living situation is temporary but you just don’t have room for a big television cabinet, consider moving it to a Self Storage Freshwater unit for the time being. You may eventually find a bigger home or sell the piece, but if you have space for it later you will regret getting rid of it permanently.

Improve Traffic Flow

Light is key to improve traffic flow. If you’ve got a large, bulky piece in the corner that you need access to on a regular basis, rather than taking it to Self Storage Freshwater, make sure the area around the piece is well-lit. A dark corner loaded with hefty furniture and shadows will be a place people instinctively avoid. By brightening the area around the piece, you draw the eye and foot traffic into the room.

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