Top interior design trends for 2019

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Top interior design trends for 2019

Every year has its design trends, and 2019 is no exception. As with everything else, some things considered new for 2019 were the rage years ago, and things that are trendy now will fall out of fashion only to return years from now. This makes it a good idea to stow items that “spark joy” but may not be au courant right now. Then, just take them out of Storage Freshwater when their time to shine in the home has come again. With that in mind, here are some 2019 interior design trends:

Natural Materials

Synthetics are out, at least for 2019. Interior designers are looking to real but sustainable wood, natural stone such as granite or marble and natural fabrics such as wool, cotton and linen. The good thing about natural materials is that they can be as inexpensive or pricey as the decorating budget allows. A homeowner can find a three legged stool hand-carved out of an old oak stump for a few dollars at a yard sale or have a footed, free-standing Victorian bathtub carved from a block of solid marble.

Bright, Shiny Objects

Rose gold and copper were the bright metals in years past, and they’re still not ready to be put away at Storage Freshwater. The trend is to partner these metals with high polished brass, bronze and other glittering metals. Bright metal can be used anywhere in the house from bathroom fixtures to frames for mirrors or artwork to bed frames to the legs of chairs and tables. The metals can even be wrought into interesting pieces of artwork themselves.


Hygge, a Danish word that means something like coziness or comfort, is still in vogue. Hygge means neutrals, candles, hot chocolate, cuddly throw blankets and well-made, rustic furniture. Comfort also means beds with enormous and almost enveloping mattresses, mountains of pillows and upholstered headboards. It means armchairs to sink into, shag rugs and draperies made of lush but natural fabrics such as real wool and even silk-wool blends.

Lots of Plants

If Australia is known for one thing, it is the beauty and variety of its flora. Plants are not only beautiful, but they release oxygen into the air, and some are believed to scrub the indoor air free of pollutants. Whether they’re enormous monstera plants that rise up to the ceiling or tiny succulents whose pots have magnets that allow them to be stuck to the door of the fridge, plants are definitely trending for 2019.

Painted Ceilings

Before 2019, most home owners and apartment dwellers took their ceiling for granted. It was given a coat of paint and forgotten about. The trend in 2019 is to paint the ceiling and discover what an astonishing difference it can make to a room. Depending on the colour and whether the paint is flat or semi-gloss, a painted ceiling can make a room look bigger or smaller than it is and can add a touch of drama that makes the space really stand out.Do

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