Is Self Storage a Safe Option for Your Valuables?

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Is Self Storage a Safe Option for Your Valuables?

Self-storage is a top-notch security solution if you have numerous valuables. The items could be super-pricey, or you inherited them from your loved ones. For this reason, you will need to secure them in a place where you can easily access them at any time. If you need storage units, then EJ Shaw Storage Freshwater has standard products that guarantee safety. This way, you can rest assured that your prized possessions are in good condition. Read on to know why self-storage is the ultimate option.

Active Surveillance

Self-storage usually comes with cameras that monitor the place 24/7 round the clock. It means that in case a thief is trying to steal your belongings, the sensors will give an alert. The best company to utilise their services is EJ Shaw Storage Freshwater who will ensure that the cameras are of high standards and functional at the same time. Plus, many burglars have the phobia of seeing video surveillance. When they spot cameras, they avoid them like the plague.

Private Security Code

It is a significant reason why self-storage is the way to safeguard your precious items. You will have a code that you need to input before the safe opens. Caution is necessary when dealing with this situation because you can’t reveal this information to everyone. Ensure that one or two family members are aware of the code. It will benefit you because a few people know that the storage exists.

Safety from Hazards

Sometimes hazards or catastrophes are inevitable no matter how hard we try to prevent them. Your excellent products are better off in a unit by EJ Shaw Storage Freshwater. It will give you serenity if ever calamities like fire, tsunami or floods strike your residence. Self-storage is, therefore, a way to protect all your valuables. All will not be lost, and you can start living with what remained from the storm.

Effective Lighting

Unlike your dark basement with minimal illumination, self-storage has ideal lighting. Your storage unit will have LED lights inside it, which gives it a magnificent look. In addition to that, all the paths that lead to the storage unit are well-lit. If you need to check on your property, you can go in at night, and you will have perfect security lights. The odds of being mugged as you walk to the facility are rare since the area is safe.

Reinforced Locks

To enhance the security of your personal effects, you can buy a high-grade lock that will not be broken. You can purchase it from EJ Shaw Storage Freshwater to get the best service out of it. The lock is sturdy and super durable, which will serve you for a life span. What’s more, it is not susceptible to any breakage since it is of world-class quality.

Regular Maintenance

From time to time, the perimeter fences are repaired in case they are vandalised. It will ward off a burglar who is getting ideas about breaking in. Bulbs which are no longer functional are replaced regularly. Simply put tight security measures always in place.

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