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You’re not always going to be using your recreational vehicle. The issue then is what you should do with it during those times when it’s not being utilised. Of course, you can consider storing it at home, but this may not always be practical. Perhaps it’s not allowed by local or complex regulations. Or maybe it’s allowed, but you’d rather not have it blocking your view or taking up a lot of space on your property. You might also have warranted concerns of it being damaged or even stolen if it’s kept on site.

For all of these reasons, it makes sense to take advantage of Storage Northern Beaches and store your RV there.

How to prepare to store your RV

Clean it. Make sure to take care of the often-neglected roof as well. Waxing is recommended by many as this can help reduce dirt build-up. Check if any seams or seals are cracked or worn as you’ll want to take care of those now.

Make sure that it is properly ventilated so that it does not get too humid, mouldy or musty inside of it. Leaving the roof vents open is often a great solution for this. Keeping your shades open will also decrease how humid it gets inside of your RV.

Ensure that no battery power is being used while your RV is stored as the last thing that you’re going to want to deal with upon returning to pick up your vehicle is a dead battery. Also make sure that your battery is fully powered before bringing it over to Storage Northern Beaches. Flush out your waste tanks and add about a quarter of a tank of water to keep them from drying.

Take care of your tires

It’s especially important to consider your RV’s tires before you head to Storage Northern Beaches. The best thing that you can do is remove the pressure on your tires. This is especially important if your RV will be at Storage Northern Beaches for an extended period of time as one or more of them could experience sudden catastrophic failure after undergoing continuous pressure for an extended time period.

The preferred method for removing pressure on your tires is by placing your RV on blocks. You can also remove the tires from your vehicle completely at this point.

If you’re leaving your tires on your RV without it being placed on blocks, make sure to keep your vehicle as light as possible by unloading everything off of it that can be unloaded. Of course, this is good advice to take whether pressure will be on your tires or not. It’s especially important to remove all food for obvious reasons.

Check on your RV

If Storage Northern Beaches will be your RV’s home for several months or longer, do periodically check on your vehicle to ensure that if any minor problems are cropping up, they can be fixed now before they become major ones.

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