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Outdoor pastimes like hiking, camping, cycling and boating are a lot of fun–but a lot of equipment goes along with enjoying them. Like many outdoors enthusiasts, one of your biggest struggles may be finding enough space at home for your recreational equipment. Rather than cram things like mountain bikes, kayaks, tents and boats in and around the house, consider renting Self Storage in Northern Beaches and storing them there. When not in use, they won’t take up precious space at home; when you need them, they will be just a short drive away. 

Here is a helpful infographic on how to get started organising your garage and of course, put all those items without a place into Northern Beaches self storage


Self Storage Northern Beaches: Store Recreational Gear | EJ Shaw Self Storage 

Store items of all sizes with Self Storage in Northern Beaches

Like many people, you may have assumed that Self Storage units are only really practical for storing smaller, more manageable items. In reality, however, most facilities offer huge variety in terms of the size and layout of storage units. Whether you just need to store a small amount of camping gear or if you need a safe place for your boat, Self Storage in Northern Beaches is sure to be a viable solution.


Embark on adventures quickly with drive-up access to Self Storage Northern Beaches

Renting Self Storage for recreational equipment is no different than renting it for other reasons. One exception, however, is that you will probably want to select a unit that is easy to access from your vehicle. That way, you can just drive over, pull up, load up the car and be on your way. Many Self Storage facilities offer units that have drive-up access, and they are perfect for outdoors enthusiasts who want to quickly access things like bicycles, kayaks, surfboards and other items.


Keep expensive equipment safe with Storage in Northern Beaches

Chances are that you have invested a lot of money in your recreational equipment. Unfortunately, such items are irresistible to thieves, so storing them at home can be risky. Rather than invest in an expensive security system for your home, store these pricey items in Self Storage in Northern Beaches. Self Storage facilities use multiple layers of security, from CCTV surveillance to high-tech alarm systems to gated access, so you will breathe much easier knowing that your stuff is stored there.


Shield recreational equipment from the elements

While recreational equipment is usually designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear, proper storage and maintenance are still required. Leaving things like kayaks and climbing gear exposed to the elements will cause it to deteriorate much faster and may even render it useless. With Self Storage, you can choose a climate-controlled unit to protect important equipment from things like moisture and humidity. In the long run, this will help to keep your stuff in pristine shape for a lot longer.


Choose a Self Storage Northern Beaches solution today

The last thing to consider when it comes to storing recreational equipment in Self Storage in Northern Beaches is where exactly to keep it. Does it make sense to store it close to home or to keep it closer to where you’ll actually use it? Either way, there is sure to be a suitable Self Storage facility wherever you need one, so find and rent one today.

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