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Retro decorations are making a comeback this year. However, there is no specific era that dominates in popularity. If you like designs from any decade, these are some clever tips to help you turn your home into a vintage paradise without breaking your budget.

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Good morning! I'm a bit discombobulated this morning as the house is so quiet. We have a two week half term in Brighton this year and not enough annual leave to cover it, so hubby has taken the kids to his brother's in Cornwall for a few days. I still managed to wake up before 6am, my body is frustratingly programmed now to be in sync with my early bird son! They went yesterday, which meant I was able to go to Ikea unsupervised for the first time in years! I was relatively restrained but somehow the number at the till is always a shock! I mainly picked up bits for the kid's bedrooms and some Christmas bits so nothing exciting to share I'm afraid. So here instead is a picture of my lounge, which I was able to tidy up without the kids immediately destroying my efforts! #loungedecor #colorlover #colourfulinteriors #crashbangcolour #mydfs #mysainsburyshome #sorealhomes #gallerywall #livingwithart #charityshopfinds #midcenturymix #midcenturymodern #howivintage #myvintageabode #vintagehomedecor #vintagehome #weeklyinteriorinspo #retrohome #retrolounge #myhomevibe #myeclecticspace #colourlover #colourpop #styleithappy #walltowallstyle

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Pick a few era-specific focal pieces

Think about things from your preferred decade. For example, a pastel rotary phone is an iconic device from the 1950s. Perhaps you may want an orange wall rotary phone from the 1970s instead. Pick a few decorations to place on end tables, entryway shelves or kitchen counters. For bedrooms, you can add retro curtains, bedspreads or rugs.

Add some retro furniture

The good news about old furniture is that you can often buy it for a reasonable price. You may need to invest some time in refinishing it, painting it or reupholstering it. If you like these kinds of projects and can find some vintage furniture and affordable supplies, you may want to redecorate every room in your house with era-specific furniture. Look for old furniture at antique stores, estate auctions, second-hand stores and yard sales.


Put up vintage wallpaper

There are memorable wallpaper designs from every decade. However, some styles are classic. If you want to give your home the vibe of a specific era, pick a style that was only popular during that time. For example, you may want a wallpaper with yellow, brown and orange dots if you are going for a 1970s look. Some companies sell vintage-inspired designs, and a few businesses are willing to create customized patterns.



Don’t forget lamps and wall decorations

You can make your home’s retro vibe even stronger with the right wall hangings and lamps. For example, a wall hanging with a hygrometer, a barometer and a thermometer was popular in the 1960s. If you’re going for a 1970s vibe, swag lamps with amber, green or brown glass will go with your theme. If you’re not sure about the most popular types of lamps or wall decorations from a certain era, spend some time researching them online. Each decade also had some signature colours, and it helps to choose items that have those colours.

Use Self Storage in Northern Beaches for your extra items

As you clear out the rooms in your home to make space for your retro furniture, lamps and decorations, you may not be ready to part with your existing belongings. If you’re a person who likes to swap your home accents periodically, Self Storage in Northern Beaches is a good solution. You can put your old things into boxes and store them until you’re ready to decorate with them again. If you use this method, you can furnish your home in three, four or more themes periodically if you wish. With Self Storage in Northern Beaches, you can also store many other things such as sports gear or seasonal items.

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