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Interior designers constantly come across decor and furniture that would be perfect in a client’s home; however, you might not have the storage space available to purchase everything you love. Manly storage from EJ Shaw Storage can be an excellent tool for interior designers, as it provides you with a space to store the materials you collect as a part of your business before you’re able to install it into a client’s space.

Manly storage

Self Storage from EJ Shaw Storage is the best option for the excess pieces you’ve collected for work. There are a variety of storage unit sizes available to you, so you can pick a unit that will suit your needs. Located only 400m from Manly beach, EJ Shaw Storage is a convenient storage facility that’s accessible to you partly outside business hours.

Self Storage in Manly security

Security is of the utmost importance in a Self Storage facility, especially if you’re going to be storing expensive furniture or other pieces for your interior design work. EJ Shaw Storage is protected with security fencing, lock-up buildings, and the latest in CCTV surveillance technology. With over 40 years’ experience in the industry and an onsite manager always keeping an eye on the facility, your belongings are secure and protected in Manly storage.

Packing your furniture

To ensure your goods are protected from damage, it’s important you pack things in your Manly storage properly. You should try and cover everything you move into your Manly storage by putting your smaller items into boxes and using furniture covers to protect the rest.

Make sure you store glass and mirrors standing upright instead of lying flat on the floor. To further protect fragile glass, mirrors, or picture frames, use mirror boxes. Put the larger, more bulky items, such as bookshelves and coffee tables, towards the back of your unit so everything is more easily accessible.


If you’re ready to move into your Manly storage, contact the staff at EJ Shaw Storage today to find out more.

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