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Homeowners often find they simply don’t have enough space to store all of their household goods. If your home is feeling disorganised some clever storage ideas will leave your house feeling refreshed. From utilizing tight spaces to finding somewhere to store all of your seasonal items in Self Storage in Manly from EJ Shaw Self storage, check out some of our tips to declutter your home.


Buy some organisers for your home

Many of the spaces in our homes can feel overcrowded, but there are many places you can find storage solutions  to fit your home and budget. Use an organiser to freshen up a space and maximise space within your home. Some of these innovative solutions include:

  • Find furniture with built in storage, such as ottomans or coffee tables.
  • Use magnetic wall strips to store your metal knives and other utensils
  • Pull out shelves which are designed to fit between appliances to store food
  • Baskets can be used to store other food items within the main pantry
  • Use jars to store food items like rice and pasta
  • Keep your closet clean with hanging shoe and coat holders

Don’t forget about those odd spaces

There are many spaces within our homes that are not being utilized to their potential. The space under your stairs is the perfect place to store household items that you use a few times a year. Add some simple shelves to the area and label some storage baskets so you know exactly where everything is, this roomy area of the home is often overlooked. Another great place to store more commonly used household items is under your bed. If you have avoided using this area for storage due to concerns that it may look messy, buy some storage baskets that suit the decor of the bedroom and use your bedspread to cover the space at the end of the bed. You could also consider building some shelves which are perfect for storing small household items, jewellery and trinkets.


Consider Self Storage in Manly

If you have exhausted all of your storage possibilities within your home or simply want a secure, off-site location to keep infrequently used and seasonal items, a storage unit could be the solution. EJ Self Storage  has been storage specialists for 40 years, utilising the latest CCTV technology, security fencing, lock up buildings and a 24/7 payment system that allows you to access your account at any time. EJ Self Storage provides convenient access to the items that you want to store temporarily or on a more long term basis. Organising your household items and relocating those seasonal belongings will leave you and your home feeling refreshed. If you have a growing family, have relocated to a smaller home or are simply sick of your house feeling cluttered, these clever storage ideas will help you get on top of things. From the underused spaces around your home to securing reliable storage in the Northern Rivers, hopefully these tips have helped give you some ideas for decluttering your home.

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