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Building your new house can be exciting but also stressful. From packing up all your belongings, cleaning and hiring a removalist, financial strain, or even just finding the time, there’s always a lot to do. You can ease this process, buy some time and reduce your stress levels by using Northern Beaches Storage from E.J. Shaw Storage. 


Floor Plans

Before you start on your packing, analyse your new floor plan and think about where things are going to go in your new home. Check out some of these beautiful floor plans to help you get started with your build, if you haven’t already.

floor plan 5

Source: Home Group WA

floor plan 4

Source: Residential Attitudes

floor plan 3

Source: Carlisle Homes

Floor plan 2

Source: Budde Design

Northern Beaches Self Storage: Floor Plans | EJ Shaw Storage

Source: Paal Kit Homes


Self Storage allows you to rid your house of clutter while you focus on the move itself. By keeping only the bare essentials with you at home it will clear up space and make the cleaning and packing process much easier. Plus, by placing items you don’t currently need into storage you’ll have less to move later on.


Minimise before moving

If, like a lot of people, you are renting a smaller place while you wait for your new home to be completed, you’ll need somewhere to store the majority of your possessions. Even if the rental property is of a larger size, still choosing to place at least a small portion of your household belongings into storage will make moving items into your new house much simpler when the time comes.

Check out the styling in these minimalist rooms for some inspiration:



Enjoy peace of mind

Northern Beaches Storage provides peace of mind when your focus is on your ever expanding to-do list. With video security, an on-site manager, security fencing and lock up, your belongings will be protected from both theft and the elements, giving you peace of mind while building your new home.

Northern Beaches Self Storage can make your move simpler in another way as well: they have moving supplies available for sale on-site. These specialised moving boxes are made for stacking and holding heavier items, which makes them ideal for transporting kitchen utensils, garden tools, clothes and other household items from one location to another. New moving supplies are a lot sturdier and will last longer than the second hand, worn boxes you’d get from your friends or the office.

As soon as you first start thinking of building a new home, a storage unit will minimise stress levels and help create a more organised process.  Northern Beaches Storage eases the transition to your new home, providing you with all the moving and storing resources you need. Make your move easier and contact Northern Beaches Self Storage from E.J. Shaw Storage.


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