While you might store the majority of your documents electronically, the need for hardcopy documents hasn’t yet been completely eliminated. There are some documents that you need to keep the original hardcopies for, and as time goes on, this pile of documents gets larger and larger. If you don’t have the room for a filing cabinet in your home office, you can move your important documents into Manly storage from EJ Shaw Storage to keep them protected and all together.

Moving your documents into a Manly storage unit can protect them from the elements. Your documents will be in a stable environment, which will help prevent issues such as fading ink, mould and browning paper. If you want some extra protection, you can place your documents into airtight packages to keep them safe from the elements.

When you move your documents into your Manly storage unit, it’s important you don’t just stack your archive boxes or files on the floor. Use some wooden pallets or filing cabinets to keep your important documents off the floor. This will improve air circulation and will protect your documents in the unlikely event of a flood.

Before you move your documents into your Manly storage unit, make sure you file them in a logical order. Clearly label every box or file folder with the documents it contains to make it easier to access individual files when you need them – the last thing you want to be doing is sorting through every single box because the file you need isn’t where you thought it was.

Keep the most recent documents and the documents you need to access the most near the front of your Manly storage unit – that way, you won’t have to climb over piles of boxes every time you need a specific file.

Manly storage units from EJ Shaw Storage are secure, so you can trust your sensitive information is going to be protected. Contact the EJ Shaw Storage staff to find out more about moving your important documents into Self Storage.

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