EJ Shaw Storage in Manly offers an inexpensive solution to the problem of what to do with props at the end of a performance; or before, when the venue is still being used for something else; when the available space at theatres is for some reason, inadequate.

Prop Masters whether for theatre, films, television or for the advertising industry, are often at a loss as what to do with objects before it is needed or afterwards, when the items in question are likely to be used again – as in a TV series. Like interior decorators, renovators, exhibiting artists and the likes of them, from time to time they require more space. Early arrivals, surplus, leftover material and accumulated stuff are just some examples that call for storage. Look no further. Your nearest Self Storage facility offers the perfect solution.

Customers can select storage units from various volumes. Trained staff will assist to determine what size will be needed.

Any uneasiness you may feel when using Self Storage, will be allayed when you familiarise yourself with all the benefits like having easy access twenty-four hours a day – seven days a week. EJ Shaw Storage offers stringent safety measures, like controlled entrance at the gate, a safe environment with an electrified fence, surveillance cameras, alarms and units that are sufficiently lit by night. The facility is clean, dry and pest free.

Should you want to cover objects that would not be needed for months or perhaps years, look no further than the facility’s store that stocks furniture covers and an assortment of packaging materials; as well as locks if you do not have one already. Free trolleys are available to help you with loading. Our trucks can be rented for deliveries, and feel free to ask what will be required. Whatever your storage needs, the helpful staff may have an answer or advice.

You may rent for any length of time after the first month and inquire about a reduced rate for long term leases.  Payments can conveniently be made online.

Any questions or requirements you may have; the EJ Shaw Storage team in Manly would gladly assist. Services are updated and improved on a continuing basis.

Our storage facility is only 400m away from Manly Beach, getting you closer to the action.

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