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At EJ Shaw Storage near Dee Why, we help a lot of  students with their Self Storage needs, and one of the biggest dilemmas most students face is not whether they’ve made the right career choice, but rather what to do with all their stuff. Some of the items that students may wish to put into storage include:

  • Furniture
  • Old Clothes
  • Appliances
  • Valuables
  • Collectibles
  • Vehicle storage – especially around Sydney!

Deciding what to do with all of the things you have accumulated during your years at home can be quite stressful, and while some keep their stuff in the family garage, or even their old bedroom, for many that option is not available. If your parents are wanting to repurpose your old bedroom and you are a student with little time to go through all of your possessions, consider securing self storage in Dee Why to keep your parents happy.

When you’re a student and you are moving out of home for the first time, whether that is into a share house or into a dorm at university, you may find that you have a real lack of space. EJ Shaw Storage at Dee Why is a fantastic storage solution for students because it is affordable, convenient and secure. You would probably be surprised how affordable self storage really is!

If you are living in Sydney or the Northern Beaches you may find that you have a lack of parking at your new home, so finding somewhere to keep your car for an affordable price can be really difficult. Although you may not need to use your car everyday, it’s still handy to have whenever you want to go away somewhere for the weekend.



That hand painted didgeridoo, the collection of jerseys your nanna sent you to see you through the ‘cold’ Sydney winters, and your trophy collection for being the undisputed pool champ at the dormitory. Plus, you really should store away the teddy bears you’ve been gifted by all the girls you’ve met along the way to becoming Australia’s next big Partical Engineer.

For students living on the northern beaches, in Dee Why, Manly or Freshwater, EJ Shaw Storage is the best solution, because you only pay for what you need at EJ Shaw Storage and you can access your property in a time that is suitable to you.

So before you store, ask yourself, what can you throw away, and what must stay? Then pack it in a way you can access it easily, and make sure electronics are stored in a dry container or box, and clothing are protected from dust and moisture.

Your EJ Shaw Storage space is not just about keeping things you don’t need, but also storing things you do. For example, if you are a major sports fan, then storing your sports gear at EJ Shaw Storage is perfect, and you can access it on game days, and return after your big event.

Law students always need to hang on to their text books and other writings, and EJ Shaw Storage can look after their documents and paper storage needs.

So, if you are a student with storage needs, or you know of a student with storage needs, then please contact EJ Shaw Storage today, and we can present you with a safe, secure and very affordable Self Storage unit on the northern beaches of Sydney.


Dee Why Self Storage Location

We are located on the northern beaches in a convenient location near Dee Why. We are located close to a number of educational institutions, including Northern Beaches Tafe, TCP Training, The Northern Beaches Community College, C3 College and the Australian Pacific College. Because we are located near Dee Why and so close to numerous educational institutions, we are the self storage experts in Dee Why and the Northern Beaches. Discover how convenient and affordable it is to organise a whole other room for your apartment!

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