With over three thousand storage facilities across Australia, you would think that everyone would be aware of the benefits of having an EJ Shaw Self Storage unit. Sure, more and more people are becoming aware of Self Storage facilities opening around them, but very few people are aware of what can be stored at your local storage provider.

We thought that we would highlight ten of the uses people have for their storage unit, and yes, we will start with the obvious…

  1. Store your Stuff.

An EJ Shaw Self Storage unit is a rented space where you can store your property, and this includes anything from furniture, sports equipment and even Christmas gifts you do not want the kids to find.

  1. Store your Car, Boat, RV or Trailer.

Most Self Storage facilities offer vehicle storage, and this includes a place to store your unused cars, classic cars, caravans, boats or even your trailer. This opens up space at home, and the neighbours won’t complain about you taking up all the street parking.

  1. Store your Wine.

Who wouldn’t love having their own wine collection, and one benefit of a Self Storage unit, is that you can get a climate controlled space that is safe and clean; keeping your wine cooled and protected from intruders or even the in laws.

  1. Store your Business Stock.

Most small businesses are limited in the amount of stock they can keep at any time, due to limited space. Why don’t you consider a storage unit, it is cheaper than renting more office space, and you can choose a strategic location that is easy for the reps and distributors to reach.

  1. Sell your Property.

A cluttered house might give the impression that it is too small, and could keep buyers away. Why not place all the items in storage, and give your house a spacious look, increasing its appeal to potential buyers.

  1. Build a Man Cave.

A Self Storage unit could be the perfect space to set up a mini workshop, hobby room or proper man cave. Keep your old sports trophies on display, and set up the space that is right for you.

  1. Interior Decorating

Whether you’re an interior decorator or someone who regularly refresh the interiors of your home, you can use a Self Storage unit to store vases, artworks and furniture for that new look.

  1. Tax Documents

All small business owners are aware of the need to store their paperwork for the taxman, and the bigger the business, the more the paperwork. So, instead of wasting office space to store your files, rather keep them safe and sound, and in storage.

  1. Buy & Sell

Many people make a living, or at least earn extra cash, from buying and selling goods. This can be anything from abandoned storage units, to antiques. Renting a storage unit will give you the space to store new acquisitions, and allow clients to collect from a convenient location.

  1. Garage Bands & Gym Junkies

Complaining neighbours will be ecstatic if you move the garage band of gym equipment into a store unit. Not only will the neighbourhood be quieter, but you will have the freedom to try out tunes that you wouldn’t otherwise dare to sing in front of the family.

If you are looking for storage ideas or solutions, then please give us a call at EJ Shaw Self Storage. We are happy to give you advice on where and how to store your stuff, looking after clients all across the Northern Beaches area from Manly Beach to Dee Why.

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