Self Storage in Dee Why

We have a wide range of storage unit’s available in Dee Why, with space for Furniture, vehicle storage as well as business and archive storage.  Rates and Bookings

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Secure, Affordable and Convenient Storage


If you are moving to or from Dee Why or the Northern Beaches region, consider contacting EJ Shaw Storage to help you with your move. We make self storage simple, with plenty of space for residential, business and commercial purposes.Use our simple 24/7 booking system to discover the convenience of self storage today! 


Dee Why is a suburb within the Northern Beaches, and is considered to be the main centre of the region. The main commercial area of Dee Why is on either side of Pittwater Road and this area of Dee Why is also home to some council buildings and shopping centres. Dee Why has a number of stunning beaches and areas along the coast that are perfect for hikes and wildlife spotting, making the area a great place to spend a day with the family. If you are moving to Dee Why or somewhere nearby, consider calling EJ Shaw Storage to discover how self storage could be a solution for you. 


EJ Shaw Self Storage in Dee Why takes security very seriously, which is why we have installed the latest state of the art security and CCTV surveillance systems to ensure all activity is recorded at our facility and someone is always around to keep an eye out for any unauthorised activity. EJ Shaw Storage in Dee Why will let you store your belongings with complete peace of mind.  

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Secure, Smart & Simple Storage


We offer our customers 24/7 gate access so they are able to access their unit’s any time of the day any day of the year, which is particularly ideal for electricians, plumbers and builders who may need to access their unit outside of normal business hours. 


If you are looking to move somewhere around Dee Why or the Northern Beaches, EJ Shaw has a number of packing supplies at an affordable cost to help you with your move. 


We understand our customers lead busy lives and may not have the chance to visit us or call us during business hours, which is why we offer a 24/7 online booking system and space calculator so you can reserve your storage unit when it is the right time for you. 


Visit us during business hours and meet our onsite manager who is there to assist you with all of your self storage needs. We can help you work out exactly how much space you might need and for how long to ensure we work out a self storage solution that suits your needs and budget. 

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