Self Storage Manly

Our wide range of storage units in Manly means we have space for Furniture Storage, Household Storage, Business Storage, Archive Storage, Car and Boat Storage and even Truck Storage

Rates and Bookings

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Secure, Smart & Simple Storage


Self Storage is the ideal solution for people moving to Manly in NSW or renovating or even selling. At EJ Shaw Storage, Storage is simple and we have Storage spaces for residential, business and government users. We have all weather loading and unloading, and it’s easy for removalists too! Use our simple online booking system 24/7!

Where is Manly Self Storage?

Manly is home to one of Australia’s most famous beaches, thanks to the beautiful surf, crystal clear water and stunning white sand. Manly is located in the Northern Beaches region of Sydney and is only a short ferry ride away from the Sydney CBD. Visit Manly wharf if you are looking for a charming place to grab lunch and a quick drink, or if you are feeling a but more active, consider grabbing a bike and going for a ride along the beautiful corso. If you are moving to the beautiful region of the Northern Beaches, consider giving EJ Shaw Storage a call to =organise secure, convenient and affordable storage in Manly. 


Having a state of the art security system is important for any self storage facility. At EJ Shaw Storage in Manly, we use all of the latest, top of the range security and CCTV systems to record all of the activity within the facility. We provide you with peace of mind, so you can store with confidence. 

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Secure, Smart & Simple Manly Storage


Accessing your self storage unit in Manly is no problem, when there is 24/7 access to your unit. This is particularly convineinent for tradies and business owners who may need to access the facility in the early hours of the morning or not within usual business times.


EJ Shaw Storage in Manly will make moving easy with a fill range of merchandise to help you pack just about any item. We have small and large boxes, bubble wrap, tape, mattress protectors and wrapping paper. If you are moving to or from the Northern Beaches, contact EJ Shaw storage to make your move easier.


We provide our customers with the convienience of booking and paying for your storage online, so you can make your reservation whenever you are ready. We have an interactive space calculator to help you determine which unit size you may need. We make organising a self storage unit in Manly easy. 


We have an onsite business manager who can assist you with any of your storage questions or requirements. We can help you work out exactly how much space you may need, whether it be for business, personal or commercial storage needs in Manly. 

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